When we hear the word ‘pervert’ many if not most automatically associate it with sexual sin. In reality it is much more than that and sadly sweeps up into its definition much of the world.

The word pervert means to change something from its right use. It can be brought on by drink (Proverbs 31:5) or perhaps by worldly wisdom (Isaiah 47:10) imagining God does not take note of our actions. In fact many ‘perverts’ are so bold as to say God’s Word is the vehicle for their self-exultation. These people have turned God’s grace into license for debauchery (acting in an impure or unrighteous manner). They forget that their are ethical or moral components of faith. In a very real sense they have become spiritually blind.

The evil of those who are quick to pervert something from its rightful use will come under judgment. Both man’s and God’s (Job 8:3). We need to be aware that time of judgment may rapidly be coming upon us. We now live in a time where esteem for one another is perverted into animosity. People no¬† longer respect one another. The words of Paul to Elymas in Acts 13:10 should ring in our ears as we turn what God has given as good into something which serves evil. Look carefully into your life that you are not GUILTY OF PERVERSION.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: A pervert persuades people into partaking in acts that are displeasing to God.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Isaiah 47:10 “worldly wisdom perverts”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord keep me in Your way.


  1. Have you perverted anything?
  2. What are most common acts of perversion?
  3. How does drink/worldly wisdom change things?
  4. How is the division in society an act of perversion?