In Matthew 15:22-28 Jesus is confronted by a Canaanite woman. Historically the Canaanite were were pagan and spiritual enemies of Israel often leading them into idolatry. It would seem natural Jesus after having taken on human nature in coming to us would be repulsed by her request for help. Initially in the text it seemed as though that was the case but in carefully reading it through to the end we find that her faith not only brought her to Christ but led to her daughter’s healing. It causes me to ask if I were confronted by someone in need of help who had done myself or my family wrong would I be Christian enough to help them irregardless of the past? The answer should be most certainly yes.

To me this text has a great many spiritual lessons among which are first of all that our faith is seen in how strongly we hold to Christ as our Savior. For many their faith is weak when it comes to being tested. It is then we must remain ever stronger. As parents in the case of this mother we must also show this strength when the trouble is with our children. We must always remember that their trouble is ours as well and we can and most certainly should intercede on their behalf with our Lord and Savior.

As verse 25 would indicate I believe Jesus may well provide obstacles to our faith. Perhaps it is to see how earnest we are in our faith but He does hear and when He answers it is not only for our benefit but needs be for His glory as well. Indeed if our faith is an active faith we will turn whatever is against us into something for us. Faith is so critical that I believe it is the one grace that honors Christ most and when expressed Christ honors most in return. It is for that reason that we should take a lesson from Christ when it comes to faith and it is to all that WE SHOULD DO GOOD.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Our faith should always find us following our Lord and Savior without question.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Matthew 15:27 “An active faith turns what is against us to something for us”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord strengthen me to do great good for others.


  1. To whom did Jesus most direct His ministry on earth?
  2. As Gentiles are we or not blessed through our support of Israel?
  3. What crumbs do the false masters (gods) throw to people that distract us from faith in our Lord and Savior?
  4. To whom are you doing good?