Satan is alive and well (for now). He is not the cute halloweened costumed character in red with a pitch fork and smirk on his face. What he is is the source of all evil sending out demons to draw millions away from God and by using pride and other character traits follow the devil himself.

Any action by any individual or group to remove God’s Word from our daily life is an action inspired by satan. Christ spoke this very sentiment in Mark 4:15. To make mankind turn away from God, satan has to find individuals willing to attack Scripture and Christianity. Those who in any way are part of this are demon possessed not unlike Judas was (John 13:27).

What satan seeks, and has always sought, is to be worshiped like God. This was made evident at the time of the temptation of Christ (Luke 4:6-8). As Christ said so should we say: “Get behind me satan”.

Sadly millions fall for his lies every day as he is the great deceiver (Revelations 12:9). Many in fact may think they are good Christians when in reality they are not following the truth Scripture lays out for our lives. Today we need to beware of any who would cause us to doubt God’s Word (Genesis 3:1) or even those who might twist Scripture as occurred during the second temptation of Christ.

Should any who fall for the ways of satan there is only one ultimate end. Christ shares that end with us in Matthew 25:41. The devil and his followers will be CAST INTO EVERLASTING FIRE.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: All who serve satan will be sacrificing salvation.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Matthew 25:41 “Hell is a place of everlasting punishment”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord may I never leave your side.


  1. What are satan’s methods of deception?
  2. How is God’s Word being removed from our daily lives?
  3. What do you know about the satanic ‘church’?
  4. How does one fight satan?