It starts out “once upon a time a man with a speech impediment was healed”. Not an uncommon scenario in the life events of Christ but one that has special meaning when we look at it from the standpoint of Mark 7:31-37. The healing took place in Sidon, a far off place, not in the normal travel path of Christ and therefore I believe bears special consideration. Sidon not only was a great distance away from normal travel but was also pagan in make up and therefore not where you would expect Christ to be.

For me it is interesting the process that brought the healing about and the method used. The process, as it would be for us, began with a desire that someone has to be cured of their illness. No one is truly healed unless they want to be whether of their own accord or convinced and aided by someone else’s assistance. The examination as it did in today’s text requires questions such as: why do you choose the person to heal you that you do and do you truly believe in their skills? These for a Christian when it relates to our sins are repentance questions that test the sincerity of our action.

Once it is established that a person truly wants healing, be it from sin or illness, then the method is to be considered. In the example in Mark 7 we see that it is somewhat unusual having Christ use His spittle on the tongue and plugging his ears with his fingers. That divine touch that becomes very personal is not unlike spiritual healing that we may seek where without Christ’s presence within our heart (Holy Spirit) healing cannot begin. Once that is in place then as Christ did with the hearing impaired individual so we need to look at our Father in Heaven and build that line of communication that brings the healing to bear and allows for us to have 0ngoing communication for other needs or communication as time passes by. For indeed EVERY GOOD BLESSING COMES FROM ABOVE.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Healing happens when we look toward Heaven with the Holy Spirit in our heart.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Mark 7:31-37 ” the process of healing through Christ”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord thank you for healing.


  1. What are some ways that we can send a message without words?
  2. What vehicles did Christ use that carried healing power (ex. oils)?
  3. What emotions did Christ show during his time on earth?
  4. What was the process and method Christ used in His healing others?