Are you a sinner? The obvious answer is yes. It is why we need to pray daily for God’s continuing forgiveness. The difference is their are sinners and their are sinners. In fact Christ called the righteous sinners if they were not teachable. To truly grow in righteousness a person would want to learn from God’s Word each day.

In Luke 15 we see God loves the sinner who repents and greater love goes to those repenting of greater sin. In this example lies our message for forgiveness. We also need to forgive, as God has, those guilty of great sin if TRULY repentant.

The problem is some sinners are not repentant and so God gives them over to their sin which is a punishment in and of itself. Every aspect of a sinners life including physical, emotional and mental becomes subject to sin. A sinner then is hostile to God (Jude 15) always scheming something wicked (Psalm 26:9-10).

Like the tax collector Christ mentions in Luke 18:13 most sinners are conscious of their sin but rather than repent want to pull others into their sinful ways. The end result to be PUNISHMENT FOR ALL ETERNITY.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: All sinners should seek salvation through our Savior.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Luke 5:32 “Christ came to redeem sinners”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord I seek Your forgiveness.


  1. What is involved in being truly righteous?
  2. How can your sin also be your punishment?
  3. How are sinners hostile to God?
  4. What is eternal punishment?