The one thing we desperately need in our world is the spirit of truth (Holy Spirit) to combat satan the father of lies. The problem is, as Christ shared with His Disciples, that many in the world would not receive The Spirit (John 14:17).

In the Old Testament only a few had the Holy Spirit that either came upon them (ex. Moses, Gideon, Samson and David) or that came into them (ex. Joseph and Bezdiel). Today as with the time of the Disciples (John 16:13-15) we can also have the Holy Spirit upon and within us. We also can be guided by all truth apart from a world of lies. We also can receive the supernatural gifts of The Spirit listed in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10 not unlike our brothers and sisters in Christ whose time has already passed.

To have the presence of the Holy Spirit is a wondrous thing. He gives us words and emotions that comfort and instruct. The Holy Spirit gives us the ability to create, renew and place conviction upon the hearts of mankind. Indeed His indwelling within each of us (Romans 8:11) empowers us (Micah 3:8) in an amazing fashion. Today we should all seek THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: The Spirit of Truth satisfies all seeking salvation.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Romans 8:11 “The Holy Spirit can dwell within us”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord I desire Your presence within me.


  1. What are the gifts of the Spirit that can be ours?
  2. Why are satan’s lies gaining such a foothold in our world?
  3. When a lie confronts you how do you respond?
  4. Do you have the Spirit of Truth?