One of life’s most challenging tasks is finding your PEFECT soul mate. Needless to say perfection rests only in God but through God we receive guidance on finding that person for our journey on earth. What we should not expect support from are institutions created by man. For example television makes it seem that sleeping with anyone at anytime is normal. It portrays men and women more as playthings than special creations of God. It is rare if ever you find direction given on finding that individual who completes you.

The Bible describes marriage best and by its definition gives us guidelines for finding the PERFECT SOUL MATE. FIRST we must understand marriage was INSTITUTED BY GOD. He did not intend for relationshipos (2 men or 2 women) to be considered marriage nor did He anywhere encourage single parenting or absentee fathers. When these situations come up His Word provides direction for us as well.

SECOND marriage was to be BLESSED WITH CHILDREN. If not by natural means society has an abundance of children needing adoption. I personally have a great deal of trouble with surrogate parenting or other non-natural means of receiving this blessing unless someone can show me in the Bible where it is approved of. Adoption of children is encouraged in God’s Word.

THIRD marriage was meant to SHARE INTIMACY. We often state in the wedding vow of how 2 shall become 1. This is true not only in the physical sense but in the complete person being in union with one another in body, soul and spirit and this was to be terminated only upon death.

FINALLY marriage was to be created for man and woman to show love and obedience for one another. Human nature will try and brake this marriage chain but when held together with the glue of real faith in God then it will last.

I believe God intended for marriage to be a way to show what he expects in an eternal relationship with us. That relationship will be permanent, blessed, intimate, and founded on love and obedience. God wants for us to have THE PERFECT SOUL MATE on earth and for us to be HIS PERFECT SOUL MATE for all eternity.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: God means for marriage to magnify His Majesty.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Proverbs 5:18 “the permanence of marriage”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord strengthen me to love as You would have me love.

1. How did you once or do you now find the perfect soul mate?
2. What is God’s plan for those who remain single?
3. Why has mankind made a mockery of God’s institution of marriage?
4. What is the purpose of a church wedding versus a civil ceremony?

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2 thoughts on “THE PERFECT SOUL MATE!

  1. That is super. To all who remain faithful my congratulations. Jan and I are working on 42 and hope God grants us like you reading this many many more.