I would hope that for most if not all married men one of the greatest moments in their life would be their wedding day. In this regard God’s Word has a great deal to say but sadly much of what is written is contrary to the choice many are making in our current day and age.

Genesis 24 speaks of some of the accepted ways of weddings regarding receiving gifts and having a bridesmaid or maids as Rebekah did. Where we get into the critical areas is the expectation that the bride (and groom as well) are to be of good reputation. That means virginity intact (2 Corinthians 11:2) modeled after Mary a virgin whom God chose to introduce our Savior Jesus Christ to the world (Matthew 1:23). Christ was not introduced to the world via a harlot and that lesson remains for us today.

The wedding imagery most especially for Christians is important as it is to foreshadow Christ’s return to earth for His bride (Revelations 21:2,9). As there is no room for impurity in eternity so there should be no room for it in marriage or in the church. These are harsh words but expectations I believe God has for us nonetheless.

This topic can not be left without looking at how sinful man has redefined marriage for those who stray from God and are given over to their physical, emotional, and mental desires. A punishment in and of itself. In Romans 1:24-28 we have a snapshot of our world today of men and women “committing what is shameful” (vs. 27).

Before Christians get on their ‘high horse’ so to speak we must acknowledge our sin as well. All sin whether that of homosexuality, greed, lust or whatever is genetic from the moment of original sin. The only cure for genetic based sin is regeneration. It all starts in our genetic makeup where only the presence of the Holy Spirit can heal and renew us. Doing so we can one day return to Him as A BEAUTIFUL BRIDE.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: A beautiful bride is one born again by the breath of God.

DEVOTIONAL VERSE FOR TODAY: Revelations 21:2 “the bride is figurative of the church”.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Lord I seek regeneration.


  1. Contrast a harlot versus a virgin bride?
  2. How is marriage, the life of the church on earth and Christ’s return inter-twined?
  3. Why are society and Christians at large not fighting more than we are against our giving in to our sinful nature?
  4. Where is forgiveness in the message of the virgin bride?


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